Corporate Branding

At Strider Infotech, we believe that the first impression is the best impression. This is why Corporate Branding is extremely important for your business—online or otherwise. And this is exactly why we have a dedicated team based out of Strider for your Corporate Branding needs. Corporate Branding is not as simple as creating a corporate identity. Corporate identity is a part of Corporate Branding and involves your company's design strategy and logo. Corporate Branding is fundamental to the way you communicate, the way you work, the people you are associated with, and how you deal with your associates. Powerful Corporate Branding is required to provide instant value and credibility to any new service or product. This is why you need a professional and dedicated team to do this for you. At Strider Infotech, we will work closely with you to understand your business in depth in order to ensure that the identity that we create for you fits your business perfectly. Our team based out of Strider can handle all facets of your Corporate Branding—from logo design, business (visiting) cards, envelopes, and brochures to PowerPoint and proposal templates.

Logo Design

Our Strider-based Corporate Branding team can do everything that you want your company logo to do-from boosting your corporate image to aesthetically communicating your company vision. We can successfully create or enhance your logo, and thereby create the perfect corporate identity for you. When it comes to logos, the sky is the limit. Just talk to us, and we will create that logo that customers will immediately identify with your business!

Our Logo Design Process

To demonstrate the work that goes into the creation of each of our logos, here is the our Logo Design process. In this example, we are showing how we came about creating the Helping Hands Logo:


Business (Visiting) Cards

Professionally designed business or visiting cards are a must for your business to look credible. At Strider Infotech, our Strider-based team comprises veterans who can create business cards that carry a professional business image your customers will remember. We can also revamp your current design to create a brand new design that perfectly suits your corporate identity.


Very often given the least importance, Envelopes are in fact among the most effective tools to create a brand image for your business. Envelopes should be professionally designed to enable visual recall. They should carry the names of your business, your logo in full color print, your contact details, and more.


A professionally designed Brochure is a great way to brand and promote your business. Your Brochure should be able to impress the readers and compel them to learn more about what you have to offer. If your Brochure fails to do this, then you fail to get business. Our team of experienced and dedicated graphic design veterans based out of Strider knows how to create that great Brochure for you!

PowerPoint Template

It is a well-known fact that most corporate presentation templates fail to meet the needs of PowerPoint users. Very often, people who create PowerPoint templates rarely use them and as a result fail to build "usable" templates. There are several considerations, including backgrounds, that go into designing the right PowerPoint Template for your corporate presentations.

Proposal Template

A business proposal is the one thing that no business can survive without. This is why your business Proposal Template must be unique. And for this, you need a professional Corporate Branding agency like ours. Talk to our team in Delhi, and find out about more about how we can help you.

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