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Get rid of your conventional concepts of websites. Get professional and grow beyond the boundaries with the help of a professional website. Our rich experience in dealing with big and small enterprises helps us better analyze your needs and provide you with the most effective solution that can be the building block of your business and can address your exact need. We create websites that will be your voice to the target customers. Your website will be your result-oriented and most economical investment.

You can also choose from a wide variety of services that we offer—from the conceptualization of a logo to the designing and the printing of marketing collaterals to online marketing.


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Website Planning

Extensive research is required for a project that involves a higher level of complexity with respect to a website's content, creativity, target section, and other aspects. We ensure that our clients understand the complexity and the seriousness of the project before we start working on it.

We ensure that our clients understand the complexity and the seriousness of the project before we start working on it. We also do a though planning before beginning the project. Once it begins, we employ our project management skills to everything from budget control to timeline management. Thorough research, planning, and proper guidance will also rule out any last-minute hassles in a project. There are three phases in website planning. Those are the: Identification Phase, Planning Phase and Envisioning Phase.

1. The Identification Phase

During this phase, we make a detailed study of everything we would require to assist you with your online strategies and approaches. This phase includes:

a. Mission Identification

To grow to spread across and capture the world is the dream of every organization. We try to understand your vision and mission for the forthcoming years and help you formulate your online strategy and approach that will help you in achieving these.

b. Market Research and Competitor Analysis

After understanding your business, we do an in-depth and thorough market research and competitor analysis to understand the marketing strategies of your competitors. Customer discussions are very important in this phase. Remember, you are the master of your business, the creator of you empire; and the frontrunner of your race.

2. The Planning Phase

This phase includes:

a. Feature Prioritization and Sitemap

We identify the critical features of your website and prioritise them so that we do not miss out on any feature that can make your website a platform for online marketing.

b. Requirement Listing

We understand the technical requirements of your website such as social media plug-in, online payment gateway integration, etc. and make it compatible for the same.

c. Data Structuring and Display

Here, we structure any information that has to be furnished on the website—be it a static, a dynamic, or a CMS-based content area.

3. The Envisioning Phase

In this phase, we create a prototype of the final website so as to help our clients get a better idea and feel of how their website is going to come out. We also ensure the optimal use of the website real-estate.

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