Custom Business Applications for Smart Phones

A mobile world—that is what we are growing towards and the peak is out of sight.

  • We can create a customized mobile website or a mobile application for Blackberry/iPhone/Android/ipad devices.

  • Our expert technical team can analyze your requirements and then plan and develop a mobile application to address your concern.

  • We have hands-on experience in creating mobile applications, mobile-compatible websites, and online marketing that can help us not only build a perfect mobile marketing application or tool for you but also guide you to success.

Mobile applications are generally distributed by telecom service providers. The most common type of mobile applications generally referred to as mobile apps are games and GPS apps.

Strider Infotech has an inbuilt team of technical experts capable of developing custom mobile applications suitable for any requirement so that they can be purchased and installed in the mobile devices and then used accordingly.

If you'd like more information about any of the development technologies or frameworks, please feel free to write to

We're happy to connect you with our technical architects.