Ecommerce Design

Websites have to be attractive, capturing, self-explaining, and convincing. This is what can turn a casual visitor of the website into a customer, and this is exactly what we can turn your ecommerce website into – your most effective selling platform.

  • We build the ecommerce website design in such a way as to increase the client conversion rate.

  • The social media portals can be well plugged in to your website to ensure maximum user interaction within the website.

  • We provide effective ecommerce content management system to give you complete access and control over the data.


Our Mantras for a Successful Ecommerce Website

Clutter-Free Website

The website has to be kept as clean and as possible to ensure readability. This can make the viewers stay on your site for a longer period of time. Consistency within the various pages of the website is very important. In addition to this, distracting elements should be as minimal as possible. Elements that can enhance sales, capture positive attention, and promote the organization are the most important elements of a website. We need to first list down all such elements, prioritise them, and make sure all of them are well-placed in the order of their importance before loading a webpage with contents.

Mini-Cart Availability

An e-commerce website user will always prefer to know and be aware of the items they have placed in their cart while navigating through the other products listed. A minicart can be made available always so as to provide a better feel and confidence to the online shopping experience.

Clear Navigation Paths

Give your users a clear idea of where they are within your website structure. Breadcrumb links are also a great idea. Dropdown menus that demonstrate the structure of the website can also be employed.

Clear Breadcrumb Trails

The website user may get lost within the website without knowing how to navigate to the desired page. Such a situation can be well avoided by providing clear breadcrumb trails, better navigation paths, and accurate dropdown menus to better explain the website architecture to the viewer.

Obvious Actions to Links

The multiple links and buttons in the website should be placed and named in such a manner that there is no ambiguity for any user who clicks it. The result for any click on the website buttons or links should be obvious and any confusion should be avoided. Ambiguity can make a user leave the website with a feeling of uncertainty.

Stability and Consistency

The website design should be stable and consistent throughout— be it plug-ins, images, colour combinations, basic layout, or the header and footer. This will reduce uncertainty and enhance the viewers' web experience.

Stability and Consistency

The checkout process should be made as simple as possible to enable hassle-free purchases from the website. Checkout being the last action in an online purchase, it should be ensured that there are no last-minute confusions or complexities. All the fields should be easy to fill in and uncluttered.

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