Email Marketing

The wonderful E-Mail Marketing service and solution we offer lets customers keep coming back. This is what we do:

  • We offer personalized e-mail newsletter designs to let clients know about your brand.

  • We write top quality content with catchy subject lines.

  • We offer quick e-mail tracking to improve the performance of the e-mail marketing project performance.

E-Mail Marketing can be very effective in reaching out to new and existing customer base in this competitive internet-oriented business world. This method of marketing is not restricted to particular demographics like income, location or age and is very cost effective as well. As per the findings of the Pew Research Center, about 81% web users search the web for finding information on things of their interest. It is a fact that E-Mail Marketing drives more ROI than several other sources since according to The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) E-Mail Marketing Council , E-Mail Marketing ROI for the year 2012 was $40.56 for each $1 invested.

Why go for email marketing?

Why do you think that E-Mail Campaign Or Marketing offers more benefits as compared to other regular forms of marketing? Why does this method provide better customer response and investment returns than traditional marketing methods? Why would a person or a business invest time and money to form an E-Mail Marketing program?

The answer is pretty simple—electronic mail is the most affordable, reasonable and customized solution which has the capability to track user interest and engagement. It also helps to provide real-time personalized solutions on the basis of their web responses. Also, email does not harm the environment as well!

1. Cost Effective

On comparing E-Mail Marketing and other channels of marketing, it is clear that the money, time and the effort involved is much lower. When you give a thought to the capital involved in forming a business to business or direct to consumer marketing campaign using traditional methods, you will find that the cost of deployment is much lower and Of course more convenient.

2. Better capability of Tracking Sales and User Engagement

The method of marketing via email has the lovely advantage of monitoring the customer-engagement on a real-time level. As an example, one can easily view the number of people who click on the links, the number of people who open your email, and the end results produced as an affect of your email to customers. This gives you an idea of the overall response of your marketing technique in real time. This not just helps you customize and improve upon email programs but also teaches you a thing or two about customer behavior.

3. Anyone can automate their campaigns

Automation always provides email marketing an edge over other methods as far as socio-demographic profile figures as well as customer behavior is concerned. Some examples of effective automated email-campaigns include quick up sales/cross sales based on purchase data and Auto-scheduled birthday alerts etc.

4. Personalized email users

In most of the traditional channels or marketing, there is only an option of the "one-size-fits-all" format and in such a case, speaking to the consumers directly is not possible. But in E-Mail Marketing method, business owners can speak to their customers, take their feedback, and also enter in personalized data related to purchase and sale history. This helps to establish a better connection and communication with the consumers, thus building their trust.

5. Behavioral Targeting

As you can compartmentalize your customers on the basis of their tracked historic purchase data or web data, it is possible to send extremely specific or target marketing campaigns which leads to increased sales conversions due to the specific nature. Some information such as the top exit pages, most visited pages etc. can help one develop strong and effective e-mail campaigns which thereby leads to a 4 or 5 times higher profit and sales figure.

6. Change in the approach and seeing real time impact

Excellent marketing can be referred to as the ability to test things! When it comes to E-Mail Marketing, it is really very easy to view the graphics, subject lines, offers, headlines, or the colors that the customers are most likely to respond to. Thus it becomes easier to compare 2 different variants of an offer and then see which will work better with the customers. On the basis of the pilot campaign responses, one can time the winning mailer to the remaining people on your list.

Email's comparison with other Online Channels

When a comparison between E-Mail Marketing and social networking marketing on Facebook and Twitter etc. is done, it is interesting to find out the results as far as purchase decisions are concerned. According to a recent research study or finding published by an e-mail services company, 66% of the e-mail users have purchased items after getting an E-Mail Marketing notification, while only 20% did so on seeing an ad on Facebook and just 4% did so on seeing a LinkedIn ad. This again goes on to show that E-Mail Marketing works much better than any other marketing method.

What next?

If we take a strategic direction to the E-Mail Marketing technique, then we can bring notice that there are a lot more chances to the users which allows customer knowledge to drive timing, content as well as targeting. The issue with E-Mail Marketing channel is that it is an affordable which can easily be misused with some cost implication. Thus electronic mail has a crucial role to play in the direct marketing because of so many of its personal strengths.