Email Support Services

Email, as we all know, is electronic mail. Its uses are expansive. It is more to the texts that a naive have been sending lately. From documents to audio clips and videos, we can send it all in a blink of an eye. Thus, it is a very prominent part of people's lives.

About E-mail

The same message could be sent to either one person or as many people as you want concurrently. Previously, both, the recipient and the sender had to be online at the same time. But since then, times have changed and so has e-mail. Presently, two people do not have to be online simultaneously. However, they must have access to the internet while sending a message.

Types of Email

There are different sorts of emails that we send and receive. Transactional, Marketing and Notification emails being one of them. That said, they are briefly defined underneath -

Transactional Email

They are are the awaited emails as the recipient have been waiting for it of late. The kinds of things are payment configuration, welcome message and order shipment confirmation.

Marketing Email

It accommodates messages that are informative. It is obligatory for the recipient to agree to such emails to be able to receive them. The newsletter comes under marketing email.

Notification Email

It alerts the recipient by giving emails regarding stuff that interests them. One can freely unsubscribe to emails that are creating a fuss. For instance, discounts on recently browsed products, end of season sale and social sites whereabouts.

Are you crunching on an email?

There are many obstacles that one faces while sending/receiving an email. You must have witnessed, once in a blue moon, that an email does not get received even if it is middling from the sender's side.

There are umpteen such problems that need proper assistance to get the work done decently.

We, at STRIDER INFOTECH, strive to give the best service to its patrons. With our expertized workers in email support, we are sure to clear away your glitches.

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