Router Support Services

The router is a hardware device that receives data packets (aka IP packets) while acting as a dispatcher as it scrutinises and sends each data packet to its respective terminus. It bridges the system to a network.

A router can be of several kinds. However, the prominent ones are broadband and wireless routers. The former helps in connecting internet through phone, whereas the latter helps in connecting our system through a wireless connection.

How does a router work?

A router must have two NIC's (network interface card). One is attached to the router itself, the other being with the other system. Two NIC's is the minimum number of cards a router would want to get started. Greater the number of connections, more the NIC's. Connecting 2-3 networks is a piece of cake, but when it comes to more networks, it could be perplexing.

Perks of using a router

(1) In addition to lowering the data load, the router can make use of a single IP address to share its connection to various users, while the internet service providers would have taken extra bucks for it.

(2) People tend to avoid putting routers in a single setup, but it could be a huge blunder. The router helps in filtering and limiting the transmission. You would never want to jeopardise your system's shield, right? Therefore, it is of foremost priority that we put up a router in each place we work.

On how we can help you!

Routers can be baffling at times. The network sometimes does not be in order. For this, one needs assistance.

We, at STRIDER INFOTECH, would not only be your helping hand but would guide you through your every step. Routers, if gone wrong for a while could be fixed with ease. It's better that we mend it, rather than you purchasing a new one!