Software Support Services

What is software?

It is virtual and consists of standardized instructions written by the programmers.

It enables the user to interact with a computer or its hardware. It is of two kinds.

System software and Application software. The former one includes a program that supports application software while the latter deals with specialized tasks.

We cannot surf anything on the computer if not for Internet browser software. Google Chrome and Internet Explorer, both are examples of Internet browser.

Installation of software!

The software program (stored as binary data), at the time of installation, is copied to a computer's hardware

It could be bought either from a store or downloaded from the internet.

It is a hassle-free and economic process, as it does not take any physical space.

Post setup of software

After the installation of software from, either way, we can use the software by searching it out on the computer.

Why is software aftercare crucial?

Keeping a track on your software maintenance warranty is essential as it will ensure the well-being of the software.

Keep your software updated, as per the changing trends to be ahead of the game.

Examples of software

Software Examples
Internet Google Chrome, Internet Explorer
Movie Player VLC, Windows Media Player
Word Processor MS Word

Why choose us?

Software Development is a vital process if neglected, would jeopardize your business (growth).

The points are given beneath to justify the above comment:

With technological advancement, one cannot use the traditional methods for it would result in lagging behind.

Software Development helps in providing value and fulfilling the client's demand.

The corporate office is in need of the development as much as we humans do. To increase the productivity of their businesses, and to replace the old practices, they are longing for software development as well.

We, at STRIDER INFOTECH, are mastered to develop the software.

Our services are such that we provide A to Z solutions for software development.

In this competitive world, do not lag behind ever! Use the latest software and triumph.

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